Energy-Saving Stove for Home

The people of Bangladesh depend mainly on traditional stoves for cooking, but in traditional stoves, fuel wastage is a major problem. In order to prevent the wastage of energy, Bangladesh Bondhu Foundation (BONDHU) has been expanding Bondhu Chula nationwide, and that is setting up Bondhu Chula with chimneys. Besides Bondhu Chula activities, BONDHU has invented a portable “Energy-saving Stove” considering the need of specific customers. Energy-saving stove is suitable for use only in briquette. Due to the Rohingya refugee influx in Bangladesh, deforestation and destruction of hills have been taking place to a great extent in Cox’s Bazar area, and the negative impact of these is affecting the environment and its surrounding areas. To cope with the energy crisis of Rohingya refugees, the Bangladesh government has been providing LPG gas. Despite this, there is an acute energy crisis among the locals and refugees. To this end, BONDHU has taken a project to distribute Energy-saving stoves to the beneficiaries of the project in this area. 

 Target Benefciary: 1 lakh Rohingya families

Number of Stoves: 1 lakh.

Period of distribution: June 2022- March 2023.

Energy Saving Stob
Energy-saving Stove Bondhu Foundation

Benefits of Energy-Saving Stove

  • It is portable
  • Cooking is faster in Energy-saving stove
  • Fuel efficiency of this stove is 40%
  • Emits less smoke and releases less ink
  • With proper maintenance, the stoves can be used for at least 8 years
  • More than half of the fuel is saved compared to traditional stoves
Energy-saving Stove Bondhu Foundation


  • The stove should not be touched while running it.
  • Throwing out hot ashes should be avoided and removed after cooling.
  • Herbs and leaves are not suitable for using in the energy-saving stove
Energy-saving Stove Bondhu Foundation


  • The ashes should be cleaned daily
  • The stove should be cleaned after cooking

Working Area of Energy-saving Stove Project

Bangladesh Bondhu Foundation (BONDHU)

Bangladesh Bondhu Foundation (BONDHU) has been working nationwide and it has offices in every district of the country. The working area of BONDHU varies according to the underlying problems of that area and the undertaken projects of the organization.

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