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Climate-Friendly Bondhu Chula for Home

Bondhu Chula is a fuel-efficient, health, environment, and climate-friendly stove. The Bondhu Chula plays a friend-like role in protecting the environment of the family, the country, and the world. Bangladesh Bondhu Foundation (BONDHU) is conducting Bondhu Chula activities across the country. These activities are part of the development program of the Government of Bangladesh and are instrumental in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The local government, especially the Union Parishad, plays an important role in implementing these activities. The local entrepreneurs manufacture and sell the stove and the Bondhu Chula doctors provide the stove installation and after-sales service. Bangladesh Bondhu Foundation (BONDHU) is providing one Bondhu Chula per family at a subsidized price. The Bondhu Chula can be used for at least five years with proper maintenance.

Bondhu Foundation conventional stoves

Disadvantages of Using Traditional Stoves

  • Fuel is wasted. Cooking in the country consumes about 1.5 billion maunds of fuel every year.
  • Risky for the health of everyone in the family, including conventional stove users.
  • There are various diseases caused by smoke, such as asthma, headache, cancer, eye irritation. As a result, millions of women and children die prematurely in Bangladesh every year.
  • The kitchen becomes soaked; The pots and pans become dirty.
  • Kitchen tin spoils faster.
  • It takes more time to collect fuel.
  • Excessive cutting down of trees is causing deforestation and losing the balance of the environment.
  • The risk of climate change is increasing as more carbon dioxide is emitted, resulting in various natural disasters such as excessive rainfall, drought, flood, etc.

Bondhu Foundation Bondhu stove advantages

Advantages of Using a Bondhu Stove

  • Kitchen tin spoils less.
  • It takes less time to collect fuel.
  • Proper use saves more than 50% of fuel.
  • The kitchen stays smoke and pollution-free.
  • The kitchen does not soot with ink, the pots and pans become less dirty.
  • Reducing deforestation gives the forest a chance to become a natural forest.
  • The use of a Bondhu Chula (Improved Cook Stove) emits at least 1.5 tons less carbon dioxide per year. This reduces the risk of climate change.

Working Area

Bondhu Foundation (BONDHU) has Bondhu Chula projects all over the Bangladesh. BONDHU is Implementing Bondhu Chula projects in almost every district of Bangladesh

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