About Us

Bangladesh Bondhu Foundation (BONDHU) stands as a true friend of nature, striving to conserve the environment and minimize the effects of global warming, climate change and pollution since its inception in 2015.

With our multi-dimensional projects combating some of the most critical environmental polluters, we have been the front-runners of environmental healing and regeneration for Bangladesh, one of the most Climate-vulnerable countries in the globe.

We take pride in our diverse workforce of over 1200 people spread across more than 218 offices in every sub-district of Bangladesh, and our collective values are what drive our impact.

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About Bangladesh Bondhu Foundation (BONDHU)

Main Pillars of BONDHU

Honesty Sincerity pillar of Bangladesh Bondhu Foundation

Honesty & Sincerity

Transparency pillar of Bangladesh Bondhu Foundation


Sincerity pillar of Bangladesh Bondhu Foundation


Efficiency pillar of Bangladesh Bondhu Foundation


Love for nature pillar of Bangladesh Bondhu Foundation

Love for nature

Egalitarianism pillar of Bangladesh Bondhu Foundation


Our Projects

Currently, Bangladesh Bondhu Foundation (BONDHU) has five ongoing projects and it has been working relentlessly to implement its undertaken projects duly.

Bondhu Chula
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Climate-Friendly Agriculture
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Solar-Powered Drinking Water Supply
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Climate-Friendly Tree Plantation
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Energy-Saving Stove
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Working Area

Bangladesh Bondhu Foundation (BONDHU)

Bangladesh Bondhu Foundation (BONDHU) has been working nationwide and it has offices in every district of the country. The working area of BONDHU varies according to the underlying problems of that area and the undertaken projects of the organization.


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Our Valuable Partners

BONDHU values its partners most and is committed to working together to make a difference in the sector of climate change. Over the years, BONDHU has been keeping its mark of success in the area of environmentally friendly projects in partnership with various local and international organizations.

Our Contacts

Reach out us if you are committed to working for climate action and intend to bring a positive change in the environment of Bangladesh through mitigation and adaptation to climate change and want to fight environmental degradation together.