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BONDHU and Bashori stood by the Corona Affected People - Bangladesh Bondhu Foundation (BONDHU)

BONDHU and Bashori stood by the Corona Affected People

Though Bangladesh is a developing country a huge number of population lives under poverty line. In this situation COVID-19 pandemic is a big threat to their financial condition. The average income in the slums of Bangladeshi cities and among the rural poor has dropped by more than 80% since the outbreak of the novel coronavirus. Due to lockdown people living under poverty line including day laborers, restaurant workers, maids, transport workers, agriculture laborers, construction and factory workers, petty businessmen, shop assistants and rickshaw pullers became economically inactive. People living in rural areas are also great sufferers. Their businesses have been stopped and farmers are not being able to sell their goods at proper price. 

In this condition, BONDHU tried it’s best to stand by the poor people. The authority took initiatives to provide relief goods among poor and vulnerable people. BBF conducted its relief distribution activities from 15 May to 22 May, 2020 in all of the 64 districts in Bangladesh and distributed among more than 10,000 people. Daily needed food items (rice, onion, sugar, salt, oil, semai. Soap) were provided to poor families so that they can survive without starving. All the staffs of BONDHU including ZMs, DSMs and ADMs contributed a lot in relief distribution activities. The authority and staffs were fully concerned to follow the safety measures during the distribution. 

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